MultiBooster 1 Kg

R120.00 R90.00

In-Organic Water Soluble Nutrient


Multi Booster 1kg by Makhro Save 7% R 96.00 R 89.00 MULTI BOOSTER WATER SOLUBLE FERTILIZER FOR FERTIGATION PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A water-soluble fertilizer and is suitable for application via an irrigation system in a home garden. Further it is ideal to be used as a foliar feed to be sprayed on foliage of plants. ACTIVE INGREDIENT N 112g/kg P 52g/kg K 264g/kg Mg 19g/kg AVAILABLE SIZES 1 kg 5 kg PRODUCT REGISTRATION Registration Holder: Makhro Home and Garden (2014/283523/07) Act 36 of 1947: K7046