Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS


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At different times in the growing cycle, plants require different types of light radiation. Immature plants have different needs to those about to mature. To maximise the potential of a plant, to ensure that it grows strong and healthy, you need to deliver just the right kind of light radiation it needs – when it needs it. The NEW Sunmaster Dual Spectrum lamp is a radically new, scientifically-developed lamp designed for the commercial and hobby grower. Using the new Dual Spectrum lamps – which are fully compatible with your existing fittings and ballasts – you can deliver improved blue and red light to your plants at the crucial stages in their development. And it’s so simple to do..Effective lighting is the main determining ingredient for the production of strong, healthy plants. No other variable (nutrient rations, CO2 enhancement, or growth medium) surpasses the importance and overall power of light as it relates to the success of any growing system.

Why use Sunmaster Dual Spectrum Lamps • Produces higher chlorophyll level for greener healthier plants • Promotes larger leaf area/mass • Inhibits unnatural stem elongation • Encourages increased number of internodes while maintaining compact plant • Produces thicker primary stems • Improved blue and red compared to standard HPS • Encourages earlier flowering and total number of flowers • Supports accelerated linear growth • Increases total number of branches as well as internodes • Delivers higher fruit weight • Produces higher yields (total biomass)


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Sunmaster Dual Spectrum HPS

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