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Turbo-Grow Volcanic Rock Dust is a finely crushed rock containing micronutrients and trace elements that are important to the life cycle of plants and which enhance the ability of beneficial microbes to flourish. In fact our Volcanic Rock Dust contains over 72 + Minerals and Trace elements. Igneous rocks like basalt have the highest mineral content, with basalt providing a greater balance of nutrients for optimal plant health and vitality. Basalt’s slow-release benefits make it an effective way to minimize deficiencies, particularly with fast-growing crops that experience periods of rapid nutrient uptake. Simply stated, rock minerals are the building blocks of healthy soil. This is soil remineralisation. Healthy soil is derived from a marvellously complex interaction between soil biology and geology. Remineralisation with rock dust is a low-cost, high-impact way to aid in the regeneration of soil by closely mimicking natural geological and biological interactions of the earth. When you Use our Rock Dust and you will genetically enhance your crops by giving them the best opportunity to grow every year Add Volcanic Rock Dust to your soil -The result is optimal and sustainable plant growth that leads to more nutritious crops, healthier people – a healthier planet, naturally genetically enhancing your seeds/crops yearly, greater resistance to pests and disease and drought, better yields, balances the PH of soils, slow release. Microbes flourish and more….

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